Victoria’s Secret Diet Secrets – SPILLED! 2014 Fashion Show

Every year around the time of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, women all over the world can’t help but wonder HOW on earth the models got bodies like THAT.

vicy’s a good thing basically every journalist with a media pass backstage asks them the same question. Some models admit they do virtually no preparation for the show and some reveal the truth about their strict diet regimes. Cara Delevingne is one of the models who proclaim to do no preparation for the show. When asked how she got into shape for the biggest runway event of the year, she said “Umm…I went to Juice Press yesterday and had a juice, but really I haven’t done much to prepare, I actually found out quite late that I was doing the show because of my filming schedule. The new Call of Duty came out so I’ve been playing that like crazy and eating Dominos pizza. And Dominos chicken strippers, all 21 of them.”

How did the other models prepare?
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Lucy Mecklenburgh Diet: How To Get That Body/Booty


The Only Way is Essex (Towie) star Lucy Mecklenburgh recently posted a butt photo on instagram that created A LOT of controversy! The reality star admits she’s always been happy with her body but decided to make some changes after fans of the show pointed out she had cellulite. This spurred her into becoming somewhat […]

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Rita Ora’s ‘Fat Camp’ Diet


Have you ever heard of the world’s toughest ‘Fat Camp’? I hadn’t either until I was doing some research on Rita Ora’s diet and exercise regime! It turns out that there’s a particularly gruelling fat camp in Austria that costs a whopping £1500 per night! Surely…nobody would pay £1500 ($2421 usd) for a ‘camp’…unless you’re […]

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How To Get Brows Like a Celebrity


I wanted to share my latest beauty discovery with you because it’s something I wish someone had told me years ago! So my friend…I am sharing the wisdom with you now. I realise that this beauty secret is one that not many women know about and once you’ve discovered it, you will have an aha! […]

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No Bake, Superfood Choc Orange Fudge!


I love the UK! Healthy ingredients don’t cost the earth, stuff arrives at your door the very next day after you order it (amazon deliveries mainly) AND organic food is only marginally more expensive than the non-organic version. The weather in London is a bit of a shock after coming from the Greek Islands but […]

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Isla Fisher’s Surprising Slimming Secrets!

Isla fisher diet

Australian actress Isla Fisher always looks so slim and toned! She’s frequently spotted heading to the Tracy Anderson gym in Hollywood and has revealed she does yoga 5 times a week to keep herself in shape. Isla also spends a lot of time being active and enjoying outdoor activities. I’m an outdoor girl,I have a […]

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Decadent Antioxidant-rich Chia Seed Pudding!


I just arrived in London finally! The first order of business was to do an online grocery shop and find some healthy recipes to make. Thankfully my friend/roomie is also really into health and excited to try some new recipes out with me! We attempted to make this chia seed pudding but it turned out to […]

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