Adriana Lima’s Vogue Brazil Cover

The always stunning Adriana Lima did a cover for Vogue Brazil (Feb 2012 addition). What do you think of these images?

Remember how Adriana revealed her strict diet and exercise regime leading up to the VS Fashion show? Here’s what she said in defence of her diet..

Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima wants us all to know she doesn’t stick to her pre-show liquid diet and twice-daily workouts routine year-round.

“Everybody is talking about my crazy diet,” she told me backstage this morning as she got glammed for tonight’s catwalk.

The supermodel and hot mom recently admitted she sticks to liquids only ninedays before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and stops drinking water for 12 hours before she hits the runway to drop the most weight.

But she defended the drastic measures, comparing herself to an athlete in training

“I know it’s very intense but…I just have an athlete’s mind and I appreciate doing this thing,” she told me. “It’s not that I do crazy diets throughout the year. I just do it for this particular thing. After this show, I become normal again!”

In fact, she said she didn’t work out quite as hard she normally does this time. “This year, even though my diet was intense, I took it a little bit easier on the working out so I won’t be as muscular,” she explained.

Adriana said after she’s done strutting her stuff tonight, she’ll celebrate with a big dinner at her favorite restaurant, Milos, with family and friends.

Fellow Angel Lily Aldrige told me she almost gave into carb temptation this morning at the buffet (yes, they actually had bagels backstage).

“I had scrambled eggs and one piece of turkey bacon,” she said. “On the plane here, I had a bagel with cream cheese. I thought about having one this morning, then I thought I should wait until tomorrow.


  • Bruno Groeff

    The Brazilians are always PERFECT!

    “The beauty causes the thief more than gold.”
    (William Shakespeare)

    is SEXY.
    is BEATIFUL.
    is CALM.
    is SERENE.

    Adriana Lima is perfect in everything. God bless Adriana forever.

  • Nicole Thiele

    The value of things is not at the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. So there unforgettable moments, inexplicable things and people imcoparaveis. Adriana Lima is an example of a model! Perfect, sexy and smart.
    It is because Brazil has this gift. :D

  • Alex

    How horrible!! I guess this is a great example for women to see that to get that kind of body, you have to go through extreme measures that no, and I mean NO normal woman could do. Could you imagine having only liquids for over a week and still going to your normal job and having to function?? Only a person who doesn’t have to do anyting else could do this. And did you see her leg on the picture where she is laying on the rocks? Who would want to look like that!? I love this site, thank you for putting up things that we all can veiw in our own way and get our own inspiration from!!

  • Cherry

    She’s great. And Alex she is not on the liquid diet. Adriana starts extreme training 2 months before a show but she eats like normal human.
    Mel! I love your site. It’s really great. It helped me with my diets and training. I’m trying to get Victoria’s Secret body. :) I’m 5’8” and I my weight is 127lbs. But i want to lose 16 lbs more and thanks to your stunning site I can do this! Btw I love Adriana!