Angela Simmons diet and Exercise Regime

I started watching the new show Daddy’s Girls on MTV and realized that Angela Simmons has lost a lot of weight. She apparently lost 15 pounds by hitting the gym with big sis Vanessa.

“We’re definitely working out. I haven’t missed more than three days in a row. When we’re home, I try to exercise every day,” says Angela.

Now that the sister’s have moved to LA, they go on long hikes up the glorious hills of the city. Angela’s workout focuses on squats and lunges. Which is very smart! They do wonders for your legs! And obviously her diet has changed by taking pizza out. She indulges in sweet potato fries once in a while.

Angela says that she want to continue losing more weight. Which is unnecessary because she looks healthy. She is also working on adding muscles to her frame.

Textures-Angela-Vanessa-Sim.gif simmons image by ella_mode

xo Milla


  1. Angie is looking gorgeous!I’m loving her new weight

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