Coconut Water For Weight Loss?

Coconut water for weight loss?

Coconut water has always been one of those things that I’ve heard is really good for you. I’ve never actually known the reason WHY it’s supposed to be beneficial to our health so decided to try some out and do a little bit of research.

Price: $5.40 per litre of cocobella unflavoured
Taste: It’s a bittery sweet kind of taste that I think would be pretty distinctive to coconut water. The taste isn’t unpleasant but definitely not something I’d drink as a treat.


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I found a really interesting article on Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics blog. Please keep in mind that it was written by the cocobella team so it was most likely a promoted post.

1. How can coconut water help with losing weight?

- Coconut water has a thermogenic effect on the body, this means it helps to speed up our metabolism. Our metabolism controls how fast we burn up calories (aka kilojoules), so the faster your metabolic rate is, the more energy you’ll burn resulting in weight loss.

2. How much coconut water is recommended every day?

- I personally drink about 250 ml of cocobella daily, sometimes more if I’ve done lots of exercise, esp Bikram yoga! But for the regular person wanting to gain the health benefits, aim for 150ml per day and up it if you need more hydration (like in the summer or after a personal training session!)

3. Are the benefits of coconut water also found in other coconut products, like fresh coconut or coconut milk?

-Coconut water doesn’t contain fat, so people often prefer to consume that on a daily basis as opposed to the milk. The water contains a nice hit of electrolytes which the body needs straight after exercise. Both the milk and oil contain health benefits, so it’s a great idea to include a variety of coconut products into your eating plan.

4. What is the best way to serve coconut water?

- I love drinking coconut water straight up! But some people find that flavour a bit full on so its also really nice when you mix it with fruit juices. Cocobella coconut water comes in 3 fruit juice blends- pineapple, mango and pink guava- and so is perfect for those who aren’t totally into pure coconut water, but still want to get the health benefits. I sometimes add pomegranate juice and mix through a few fresh pomegranate seeds for a quirky twist and added antioxidant boost!

5. What are the other health benefits of coconut water?

The health benefits of coconut water are pretty impressive- it’s high in natural electrolytes so it’s the perfect post exercise sports drink. It’s also linked to increasing our metabolic rate, thus, helping us to achieve weight loss goals. Plus, it contains this stuff called lauric acids which helps to balance our gut flora, so helps promote healthy digestive function and boosts the immune system! So as you can see, coconut water is pretty awesome!!

Keep yourself hydrated and have a great week everyone,

From the Cocobella Team


Some people believe that coconut water is an over hyped scam and the manufacturing companies leave too many questions unanswered. This article I found is really long so I am not going to post it but I do recommend that you read it and make up your own mind about coconut water! Coconut Water Scam?

I don’t really know where I stand, I’m going to see how my litre of coconut water goes and then decide whether I’d buy it again.

How about you? Do you drink coconut water?


  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never tried coconut water, but I’ve heard it’s really healthy for you. Apparently it helps when recovering from the flu since it restores electrolytes in the body!

  2. You should try it! It has a weird taste at first and I didn’t like it. I must have acquired the taste because now I have been craving it haha.

  3. Is coconut water the same as the juice that comes from coconut? (the water inside fresh coconut)
    I live in the Philippines and you can see coconut almost everywhere so we drink the juice fresh. It’s good for the kidney and cleanses toxins in our body. However like all fruit juices it has high fructose sonits not advisable for diabetics to drink it eventhough its really healthy

  4. Hi Alen, yes the coconut water is the same as the juice that comes from the coconut. Thanks for your input!! :)

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