CoYo Ice Cream VS Cocoluscious Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of coconut milk ice cream? It’s becoming pretty popular on the Gold Coast so I’ve tested out two brands and thought I’d write a little review.

I bought Cocoluscious tub in cookies and cream flavour for $13.50 from Flannerys and a CoYo chocolate tub for $15. That’s a lot of money to spend on ice cream! Especially for 500ml tubs.


The benefits of both brands:

A healthier alternative to ice cream
Made from coconut milk
All organic ingredients
No hidden high fructose corn syrup or preservatives

Cocoluscious in Cookies and Cream flavour:

I bought the cocoluscious flavour first and tried it out for the week. This was my first coconut milk ice cream experience and I was a little disappointed. I’m not sure if I had a bad batch as I did read a comment on their facebook page from a customer who said her cookies and cream flavour tasted a bit strange too. There are glowing reviews on their facebook so I’m still confident that another flavour will be nicer.

The taste was a little chemically and the ice cream had that icey crunchy texture. Perhaps it thawed a little during the delivery process and refroze which affected the taste.

I will probably try the cocoluscious again but perhaps a different flavour. I’d like to compare their chocolate flavour to Co Yo’s.



Cocoluscious Website


Co Yo in Chocolate flavour:

I found Co Yo in chocolate flavour very similar to real chocolate ice cream.  Of course it still has the coconut flavour but the texture was also very creamy. Definitely a win! It was a little more expensive than cocoluscious but the taste made up for the cost.

The downside with Co Yo is that there are only three flavours available. The chocolate was nice and I will probably buy it again!

CoYo Website
About coconut milk ice cream (from

There are a few brands of coconut milk ice cream on the market now. I compared the chocolate version of one brand side by side with a pint of premium ice cream and here’s what I found: the coconut provides about the same number of calories as well as the same number of total carb grams, but contains just 2 g of saturated fat vs. 11 in the cow’s milk ice cream – and 6 fewer grams of sugar.

Verdict: Try it, but stick to just a half cup. It’s very rich so you should feel satisfied with a small portion but you can pump up the volume with fresh berries or grilled fresh fruit like plums or pineapple. Again, the major downside is less calcium (0 percent DV per serving vs. 10 percent in ice cream)




  1. Hi Melissa, I make my own coconut milk ice cream. Just mix milk sweetener (stevia, maple syrup, brown sugar) and what ever flarouring you want in a blender and freeze in ice cube trays. Once it’s frozen blend again and return to freezer to set. You can use almond milk in place of coconut milk. I recommend using both almond and coconut milk, cacao powder, nut butter maple syrup, stevia and a pinch of salt.

  2. Oh wow! I am definitely going to attempt this. THANKS :D

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