DELICIOUS Homemade Sugar-free, Dairy-free Ice Cream!

If you’ve ever enjoyed a recipe from this site before, forget about that one. THIS is the ultimate recipe! You’ll forget your chocolate cravings after a bowl of this tasty homemade, sugar-free & dairy-free ice cream.


The best thing about it is the fact that you don’t need an ice cream maker if you have a high powered blender such as a vitamix or blendtech.

1 can of full fat coconut milk
2 tablespoons of cacao powder
Stevia or sweetener of your choice – I used nunaturals flavoured stevia in chocolate & peppermint

Mix all of the ingredients together, I used the blender as I found it difficult to hand mix the cacao powder with the coconut milk. Add the stevia to taste, I used one dropper full of chocolate and one dropper full of peppermint nunaturals.

Pour the mixture into ice trays or if you’re like me and don’t own 99% of cooking utensils, a plastic container.
Place in freezer and leave for a few hours until it’s frozen. I’d advise making it at around midday and keeping it frozen until you’re ready to eat it.
Empty frozen mix into your high speed blender and put it on full speed straight away. Blend until creamy!
Serve straight away. I had mine with chopped fresh banana, I think it would be amazing with some roasted cherries or any kind of baked fruit. Delicious!






  1. Can’t wait for summer to make this!

  2. Did it not taste very ‘coconuty’? I used to force myself to have a tablespoon of coconut oil everyday, and now I can’t go near anything that tastes like coconut milk or oil. >_<

  3. chickabrita says:

    this looks sooooooooo good! mm yum! can’t wait to try this


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