Did Kristen Stewart Lose Weight In Real Life For Breaking Dawn Part 1?

I saw Breaking Dawn last night (so good if you haven’t seen it) and was shocked at how much weight Kristen Stewart appeared to have lost during the whole pregnancy part of the movie. It made me feel ill! Of course I had to rush home and google it to share with my celeby readers.

Hollywood Reporter had a great article explaining that it wasn’t real, thankfully.

True blue Twilight fans may be shocked at how much weight their heroine Kristen Stewart lost to appear emaciated and ill during Bella Swan’s pregnancy in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Sure there was some hollowing and shadowing facial makeup. But at the film’s junket at the Four Seasons on Thursday (Nov. 3) Stewart was asked about the drastic dieting she must have had to endure to get so darn scrawny.
“Digital. Totally. I didn’t have time to lose any weight,” Stewart explained. “All the scenes were so sporadically shot. As Bob (Condon) said, In one day, I literally was a vampire, a human, a pregnant woman, about to get married. Everything was shot completely out of sequence.”

That made real weight loss impossible. “We would have had to shut down production for a couple of months for me to lose the weight or gain it back, either way. So it does make you feel, ‘Well, I hope you guys do a good job with it because I can’t do that part.’

“It can ruin you if you look ridiculous and obviously, I don’t, the initially worried Stewart confided. “Those guys are amazing.”

Question: Did you see it?? What are your thoughts?


  1. Yes, I watched the movie and it was the most offensive piece of mysogynistic and racist bullshit I have ever seen in my life. I cannot believe that young women like you actually think the movie is good. I am appalled.

  2. How on earth was it racist? Can you give some reasons as to why you felt that way?

  3. Really? That’s a lame, ignorant comment.

  4. ^^ Agreed the movie was far from racist, grow a brain or don’t critisize

  5. The fighting between the Werewolves and the Vampires could be a metaphor for the inequality amongst races and classes in a society.

    In the US society Native Americans that live on a reservation are not counted among the Census since they technically are not governed by us, but it does not take away the fact that these people live in 3rd world-level poverty right beside us. Many reservations do not have consistent electricity, sewage and running water. And the stereoptypes about gambling and drinking are mostly true due to the high levels of poverty, depression and sucidde in those areas… their people were raped and killed by us and now they have to continue to live in horrid conditions to maintain autonomy—or betray their people if they want to live as part of US society. (I have relatives who are outcasts of Cherokee Nation because of their assimilation in the past).

    Metaphorically, the mostly-caucasian Cullens could represent the steretypical white, priviledge upper-class and the Werewolves could represent the lower-class minorities. The times when they say things about one another’s smells, and make leers about what each other eat/do/say/etc. is alikened to the bigitous comments people still make of other races today.

    I personally do think that there is an incredibly misogyst example–Bella is the oppositie of a feminist woman and is essentially in an abusive relationship, but I do not see the film as racist since it merely mirrors these struggles and actually shows the two races OVERCOMING their predjudices to work together at many points. Hence, racism is NOT promoted, only patriarchal society.

  6. wow…Or ya know it Could just be a movie about werewolves and vampires???

  7. oh wow, it’s amazing how people will turn one subject into a completely different subject. This is suppose to be about the amazingly convincing weight lose for the role of Bella in Breaking Dawn pt. 1. Honestly I was in shock to see Bella that skinny I’m glad it was only digitally. KS aka Bella did an amazing Job! Can’t wait for pt. 2.

  8. wow. if someone’s going to take issues with the movie, it should be that it was horribly written, horribly acted, and based on a horrible book series. no need to invent criticisms about racism and the white man oppressing people. However, the central theme of “be a hollow, whiney girl who has no identity of her own, obsess over a man, and only good things will happen!” – now that, that i take issues with.

  9. Wow. Some people need to relax. I agree with Amanda, it is just a movie. No one said anything about it being racist or trying to offend anyone. Yes, Kristen did a fantastic job, along with all the other actors and actresses! I am excited for the second part.

  10. Agreed w/ Laura M. It is a truly frightful movie. The dialogue is terrible, and everyone talks in a monotone. I saw zero believable emotion in this thing. And you’re right, the books are horrid too… I was only able to get through the first one, and if they mentioned Edward’s “marble chest” once more I’d have puked. You are on point about the central theme, and the poor, emotionless acting makes it so much worse. It was so bad I was laughing through half of it. And the dialogue in the wolf section – hilariously bad! It was good for a laugh, anyway.

    Sarah you’re right – I do think the Native American tribe juxtapositioned against Caucasians can be taken as a (fairly straightforward) racial analogy, particularly as the Native Americans turn into wolves and thus are “wild.” However, while it’s racial in nature, I’m not sure it’s racist. This group is portrayed as separate, but not as dishonorable or cruel – In fact, they’re trying to protect people. And they’re not as wealthy as the Cullen’s, but neither is Bella’s family or her friends. Also the werewolves look like lovely giant wolves, not like scruffy werewolves at all. If they had made the Native Americans into prostitutes or murderers, you could call that racist… but as powerful giant wolves… not so much.

  11. @laura m: if you don’t like it don’t look it up. Share your dislike of it with other like-minded people. This obviously isn’t meant for people like you to bitch about what they hate about the Twilight Saga. Don’t spoil something that people take enjoyment from.

  12. I don’t think these are the best movies ever made but I loved them they keep me interested…this is supposed to be comments about the weight lost not what you feel you got out of the movie…anyways I personally loved it can’t wait for pt.2!!!!!!!!

  13. I think the racial analogy is vaguely interesting but the film is DEFINITELY not racist. It’s not showing one group as better or worse than the other.

    Also, the film isn’t just about a whiney girl being obsessed by a man (although yeah – she is pretty whiney. SMILE, Bella!) – Edward is just as much under her spell and obsessed with her. Neither of them want to live without each other. That’s kinda one of the main points of the story, I think. It’s about two completely different people being completely in love. It’s not exactly an abusive relationship cos Edward only hurt her once (on their honeymoon) and neither of them even realised at the time and he didn’t do it with malice. There’s not really deep and dark societal reflections in these movies I don’t think.

    On how good the movies are, personally I find them entertaining and I’m really curious and excited for part 2. Yes, I groan when Bella is all whiney and dramatic and miserable and I laugh at some bits but I think they’re really cool fantasy films that are quite engaging.

    Lastly, the CGI for the Bella’s weight loss was reallllly well done I think – I was convinced she’d lost all that weight! My boyfriend said it had to be CGI and I didn’t think they could do it that well. If she had have lost the weight it would’ve been pretty dangerous. It was quite weird seeing her like that – she looked so rough. Like a hagged old lady.

    OK, I’m done :)

  14. @Sarah: Just saw the movie…didn’t care enough to see it in the theater. I’ve always felt that the Native werewolves vs. the Vampires (who I will call Capitalists/consumerists/colonialists…as they live off the lifeblood of others…and let’s face it, most of those are Caucasian, though not exclusively) is a pretty obvious metaphor. In fact, that was the only interesting thing about this whole series. But what is disturbing is Bella’s choice to join the Vampires. I suppose you could argue that the Cullens are like guilty White liberals whose hearts are in the right place, and Jacob’s abandoning his tribe to defend them is a kind of “forgiveness.” But seriously, Jacob should have chosen (of his own free will) Leah. Imprinting on the child that nearly killed its own mother is pretty much a metaphor for “selling out big time.” But hey, it was beyond his control. Capitalism is just more fun than the pack mentality, right?

    And though I somehow doubt that Stephanie Meyer is deep enough to consider her story a metaphor for race/class relations…the very fact that she made a Native tribe so central to her story does it for her…albeit poorly.

  15. I just watched the movie a few nights ago and its really great. My parents were kind of freaked out by how thin Kristen was but I said I was sure she didnt really lose weight. My dad just said that he doesnt think its possible to do that digitly. So I googled it and was happy to find I was right. Thanks, this site was really helpful.

  16. lmao, I just read the posts listed, omg lol. All these people talking about how bad the books are, how bad the script is and the horrible acting. THEN WHY DO YOU READ THE BOOKS AND SEE THE MOVIES? This is movie number 4, if you didn’t like the books or the first 3 movies why watch this one?! People looking for attention and hate mongering, trolling on the internet looking to stir things up. It’s fiction, entertainment and nothing more, get a life.

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