Doutzen Kroes Diet and Exercise Regime!

To tell you the truth I’d never heard that name until I got a request for her diet and exercise regime. I have however seen photos of her before. She is very thin and pretty! One of the requirements to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel!

Wow…I just discovered she was sent home from a Gucci casting for being too fat. I wouldn’t even be allowed in the building if this tiny girl was sent home. The modeling industry is so tough!

Here’s what she said “I like the Versace show best so far. The collection is really beautiful and at Versace femininity is important. Feminine shapes are allowed. In contrary to Gucci where I got rejected because I was too fat! Gucci likes slim girls only.” – Doutzen Kroes

Here’s an excerpt from an article I got off the net…

Doutzen explained that it was no good just cutting out food from your diet and starving yourself if you wanted to look good on the catwalk. The bright lights and zoom lenses are merciless and therefore you need to be toned and in good physical shape to look perfect in the lingerie. She said therefore that she gets lots of exercise including skipping which tones up the buttock muscles in preparation for Victoria’s Secret catwalk shows.

Many women who are a little bit overweight shun doing workouts using weights because they say that they don’t want to end up with big muscles. However many personal trainers say that the most effective way to lose the last few inches of fat off the body is to tone and strengthen the muscles. Not only will you be burning off more calories every day with this extra muscle but you will be standing more confidently and you will feel stronger. In any case you can always stop doing weight workouts if you think you are becoming too muscular.

It says on google she weighs 54kg.

I thought this was funny. She obviously only is thin because of these products..


  1. OMG…she’s so gorgeous…I never recognized her in those ads when they were broadcasting them in germany quite some time ago!
    But the second product is really really good! It really works! I never had a serious problem with cellulite, but it tightens your skin in only a few days – and this effect lasts pretty long! I’m going to buy the product again before the next bikini season is going to start! Seriously I can only recommend it to everyone who has a little problem with a flabby butt or thighs!

  2. thanks for the article! It was very interesting! I had no idea she was rejected from Gucci for being too fat. That’s terrible!

  3. doetzen kroes is amazing, she’s like a living doll ~

  4. She’s a godess!!! i have a lot of favourite models but she’s my favourite eveR!!! And i believe she is much more interesting than skinny models… Doutzen is sooo gorgeous and she is not skinny so she’s the best role model for a woman!!! besides she’s absolutely stunning and gracious on the runway!! Go Doutzen!! if could choose a woman to look like it would definitely be her :D

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