Healthy Vegetarian Eating in Paris, Oui?

I just spent a month in Paris and feel like I could possibly be the first tourist who hasn’t gained weight there…how can this be!?

Well..this was my second trip there and I’d eaten my fair share of croissants and pastries the first time (and suffered the consequences when I got home). This time I vowed to enjoy the sweet side of Paris while still sticking to a fairly healthy overall eating regime.

Breakfast: Oats with banana, grapes and chocolate protein powder 


I couldn’t adjust to the time difference and would sleep in. I woke up to fresh STOVE-COOKED oats from Dane. Heavenly!

Snacks: Fruit, coffee, yogurt..

IMG_20130727_220457 (1)

I always keep fresh, washed fruit in the fridge to snack on


Nespresso withdrawals call for extreme measures

Lunch: Salad, protein shakes, wraps or soup


Salad made with tomato, capsicum, cucumber, spinach, balsamic & vinegar beetroot, cous cous, a sprinkling of fetta and red wine vinegar dressing


Salad with egg

Dinner: Vegetarian flatbread pizza or  stir-fried vegetables with a protein shake


Vegan flatbread pizza

Some photos of Paris


Seine at twilight


Dane and I with our ‘Love Lock’ at Pont Des Arts bridge. Couples from all over the world write their initials on a lock & a little message, lock it to the bridge and toss the keys into the Seine. The only way to unlock their love would be to find the key and take the lock off the bridge. I am not one for littering so have kept the keys to our lock, I hope to hobble back over the bridge with Dane one day (we’ll basically be the old couple from the notebook) and find our lock again!


Cute french gifts in Montmartre


Moulin Rouge


Versailles Palace – so incredibly gorgeous! 


Versailles Palace again


Notre Dame Square at night


Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 1.15.38 PM

Luxembourg Palace


Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 1.16.18 PM

Pont Alexandre III bridge


  1. Were you able to buy protein powder in France? I’m about to go over there and am worried I won’t be able to find any!

  2. Melissajadel says:

    Hey Melanie!

    I was worried about that too, I placed an order on and had some shipped over from America. The very next day I was walking to a laundromat and stumbled across a huge supplement store that was surprisingly affordable – same prices as the states :)

  3. Oh that’s good to hear! Hopefully I can find one of those. Thank you!

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