How Did Raven Symone Lose Weight? Her Exact Diet!

When Raven Symone went from 200lbs to 135lbs, people began to ask ‘how on earth did Raven Symone lose weight?’. Well, luckily for you, I’ve done the research and am going to be sharing the goods with you!

So in kilograms for all the Australians/English folk, her old weight was 90.7kg and she now weighs 61.2. Can you believe it!

Now that Raven has lost the weight she’s more confident and loves how her body looks, “it’s great to put on clothes and not wear a girdle. And my thighs look supergood!”

Raven works with a nutritionist Philip Goglia who says now Raven is lean, fit and happy. So how did Raven do it?

raven symone weight loss

Raven Symone’s Meal Plan:

Breakfast:  Oatmeal & apple slices with almond butter

Snack: 12 almonds

Lunch: Salmon/Chicken with steamed vegetables or salad

Snack: 12 almonds

Dinner: Salmon with steamed asparagus

Dessert: Baked pears with agave syrup

Raven Symone’s Exercise Regime:

Elliptical trainer for 30 mins – 4 times per week + weight training

How has her weight loss affected her life?

Raven says that since losing the weight, it has been messing with her head and she encourages others to be comfortable with themselves no matter what size they are!




  1. She looks so different, I don’t think I would’ve recognized her….

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