Katie Price’s Bobble Head Diet

PhotobucketThere has been alot of talk over Katie Price’s ever shrinking frame. Her toothpick legs have caused alot of controversy and rumors of the star battling an eating disorder have risen. The star lost over 2 stone (12.7kg) in six weeks after giving birth to her second child. Finally a celebrity has revealed how they lose weight so quickly. Katie goes on a Juice Diet. Its barely any calories which is why it works! It’s not just any juice shes drinking. Its packed with vitamins but sounds so gross. "I’m eating avocados, pineapple, spinach and celery sticks, all mixed together. It sounds revolting but it’s delicious" What Does Katie Price (Jordan) Eat? On this particular diet she eats the following .. Breakfast: Juice Lunch: Juice Dinner: Steamed vegetables and lean meat or fish How Does Katie Price Workout? ‘I was going to the gym or working with my trainer about 3 or 4 times before the wedding and then to get in shape for the DVD. Even though I felt pressure I didn’t want to get too thin. There are a lot of American girls like Nicole Richie and Teri Hatcher who look really thin and gaunt- it’s not nice.’

The Smoothie


¼ Cucumber; 1 stick of celery; ½ small pineapple, peeled and chopped; Handful of spinach leaves; ¼ lime, peeled; 4 golden Delicious apples, chopped; Flesh of ½ ripe avocado; Small hand full of ice

How to make the smoothie

Juice the cucumber, celery, pineapple, spinach, lime and 3 1/2 apples. Place the avocado and remaining 1/2 apple in a blender, together with the juice mixture and ice. Give a good whiz for 45 seconds. Pour into a glass and serve.


  1. i did the juice plan for a month for jason vale (juicemaster)as part of an experiment for him, and i had only salad for dinner as well as doing an hour of exercise a day. i lost 8lbs after a month of it, got REALLY bored having the same juices every day, it increased my bood pressure and my cholesterol went up. even jason didnt know why. i havent gained the weight back and still juice but eat more sensible meals such as chicken, salads, low fat meals.

  2. karen robson says:

    i want to lose weight fast as going on hols on 8th june just want the shred that extra 8lbs but can not move it – can anyone help

  3. I would like to know how to lose fat off of my hips I have tried the ball technique but no joy, now I am desperate for help as I am off on my hols in 6 weeks time and they need removing!!

  4. hi:)
    i think i am really fat i am 7and a half stone & would like to go down to 5stone but its really hard because i have been on a diet for a few weeks now but my mum has started to notice , and i keep being sick and geting really sore heads dont know what to do but i really WANT to go down to 5stone please could u help me what to do ??
    dont write back on my website in case my mum sees it so could u write back on my email , shondele_ynt@hotmail.com
    thanks alot x x x (L)

  5. shondele…no offence but you dont sound like your old enough to go on a diet
    But if you are, depends on how tall you are…
    id love to be 7 and a half stone but realistically that is underweight for my height…i am 5’4.
    5 stone is like…skeletal, if you’re not naturally that weight, dont try to be. You will end up being ill…
    5 stone is like under a 12 year olds weight…if that…
    Just be healthy…
    Im trying to budge around about 6-8 pounds =]
    im not fat but trying to get fitter and healthier

  6. hiya x im like 9 n a half stone i about 5.6 n i just masssive thize and calfs i do horse riding so it makes dem bigger but dey just got loads of fat on them i got a flat stumak it just mi legs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I never dreamed I’d see the day when British girls would become as anorexia obsessed as us American girls. Hollywood has bitten Great Britain big time, right on the bum.. Pls, stay your healthy, natural and beautiful selves. British women have always seemed sexier because you’re more real. Don’t change.

  8. shannon gaskell says:

    why dont u go bak wiv petre plez get bak wiv him !!????? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. chelsea says:

    ellie ur pathetic! same as all u girls that claim to be “fat” at 9 stone etc. tyr being 12 1/2 stone after 2 kids and having pcos which does NOT allow you to loose weight easy. just be happy for your slim bodys for gods sake! im so sick of hearing skinny girls whinging their fat! grow up and get a life!!!

  10. i have modified the juice diet a little bit. Juice 3 times a day plus a lot of fruits and veg only cooked meals. Lost 1 stone in 2 weeks and weight never came back! i feel great !

  11. Congratulations D!

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