Life Update: USA & Healthy Grocery Shopping in Hawaii

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, or connect with me on twitter..then you’ll know I’m currently doing some travelling before moving to London with my boyfriend for 1-2 years. I’m currently in America and will be for the next month, it’s my first time so I’m extremely excited!!

America has the reputation of having pretty unhealthy food. At least, it does in Australia! I was surprised and excited to find such a wide range of healthy snacks when I went grocery shopping in Hawaii today.

When I’m travelling, I always buy groceries to keep in the room to save money and to eat healthily. Here’s my healthy food haul from the Foodland at Ala Moana shopping centre.

I only had 15 minutes to grab this stuff so didn’t get a proper look. Can’t wait to go back though, vegetarian and organic food is half the price of Australia. I’m in food heaven!


Kashi cereal, healthy tortilla chips, white bean hummus, natural root beer, organic salsa, organic vegetarian breakfast burrito, smores luna bar, coconut chocolate luna bar, almond milk (couldn’t find unsweetened), vegan acai berry ‘superfoods’ protein smoothie, bananas, strawberries + light dipping chocolate (not the best as contains aspartame but my sister wanted it) +organic spinach and fetta spanakopita¬†

Just for fun, here are my goods from the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale – amazing!

Victorias Secret

Running jacket, casual jumper, undies – all on sale minus the bright blue bra!







My twin sister Melanie

My gorgeous non-identical twin sister




Hilton Lagoon – so pretty! Going to sneak in this week


Honolulu by night from our apartment


  1. nat.x.nat says:

    You have to try Unreal Candy! ;P

  2. Melissajadel says:

    Thanks for the tip! Just googled it and WOW, definitely trying it :D

  3. Gosh this makes me miss traveling to the states. Organic food is so much cheaper and available! Have fun!

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