Mary Kate Olsen’s Starbucks Diet

PhotobucketWe all know she has battled with an eating disorder (anorexia) in the past and entered rehab for it in 2004 but the tiny twin has managed to keep alot of the weight off. She hired $1,000-per-day eating coach Lori Cerasoli to help her gain weight after she left the clinic. This would consist of high protein meals. I couldn’t find much about what Mary Kate eats on a daily basis. I know that she drinks alot of dr pepper and diet coke. Also plenty of starbucks!

What Does Mary Kate Eat?

She drinks starbucks alot! There are rumors afloat that she skips some meals and has a starbucks instead. She orders a very low calorie drink. A venti light coffee based sugar free vanilla frappuccino. I know its a mouth full but I’m sure if you wanted to try it you’d get used to it!

How Does Mary Kate Workout?

She doesn’t do much exercise, when she does it is usually yoga. I think most of her calories would be burned walking around shopping (which she does a lot of)


  1. Even if you get the “sugarfree” fraps, it’s still a lot of calories…I just don’t get it. It might also relate to the fact she lives in NYC…girls there have killer bodies from all the walking.

  2. she has AMAZING legs! and i totally <3 her shoes!!!

  3. zomgg marykate has the best fashoon & shoes in the world && body :P she’s a no.1 style icon ** loll :P

  4. i would killlll for mary kate’s body!


  1. Lisa says:

    Love the site babe! Just ordered some hoodia and it really works! :D

  2. Emily says:

    Hi! I got the mastercleanse book today=) so now I’m on day three of the cleanse and haven’t even thought about wrecking it. Thanks for the advice hun xx

  3. Saash says:

    Mary Kate has the best body!

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